Terms and Conditions – Eukanuba UK Breeders Club

  1. Only breeders resident in the UK and ROI, aged 18 years or over, with more than three dogs for breeding, can join the programme.
  2. Breeders must be registered, and maintain registration, with the Kennel Club (through Kennel Club Affix or KC / IKC accredited breeder certificate). Our Sales Representatives may request proof of registration.
  3. New litters must be registered online via the dedicated online tool within four weeks of the birth.
  4. Up to 10 Puppy Kits can be ordered free of charge from our partner retailer for each Eukanuba Breeder product purchased within the last 6 months when breeders register a new litter using our online tool.
  5. Puppy kits must be passed onto new owners of the breeder's puppies.
  6. Breeder’s bags are available from our retail partner for private use only and cannot be sold or given to any third party (unless with prior agreement with the Eukanuba UK Breeder Club).
  7. Breeders will earn a £5 voucher, redeemable with our partner retailer against Eukanuba Breeder products, for every new puppy owner they successfully sign up to the Eukanuba Puppy Club, and for every voucher redeemed against Eukanuba products from the Eukanuba Puppy Kit by new puppy owners.
  8. Only new puppy owners are permitted to sign up to the Eukanuba Puppy Club. Breeders must not enter details on behalf of puppy owners. Breeders must not themselves keep or record any data that new puppy owners supply to the Eukanuba Puppy Club.
  9. Breeders must not register themselves or family members as new puppy owners on eukanuba.co.uk and cannot take advantage of the promotions dedicated to new puppy owners.
  10. Eukanuba has the right to suspend or terminate membership at any time.
  11. Eukanuba reserve the right to change the terms & conditions at any time without prior notice.

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